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Vigro Manganese

Vigro series are organic-based and organic fluid fertilizers for vigour growth and for optimum yield and quality of all crops.

Fluid chelated manganese fertilizer and supplement

Minimum Guaranteed Analysis: (w/v)
(density 1.19 - 1.25 gm/cm3)

Features and Benefits:

    » Speeds germination and maturity, optimizes crop quality, and prolongs shelf life
    » Provides plant with readily available manganese.
    » Increases nutrients availability for plant absorption
    » Regulates chemical reactions, regulates respiration works as a part of the enzyme system and activate carbohydrate formation
    » Ensures Manganese availability in salt-affected soils, acids soils and all soil types
    » Easy to use and save fertilizer for different plants

Application Directions:
» Application rate is 0.75 L per acre at (1:500) dilution rate for foliar application and 1.5L per acre for fertigation

» General application program is once before flowering and 2-3 times during flowering / fruit setting.

» Apply at any time if Manganese deficiency is identified. ‘
» Apply at any time if Iron deficiency is identified