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Vigro series are organic-based and organic fluid fertilizers for vigour growth and for optimum yield and quality of all crops.

Fulvate Fluid fertilizer plant growth stimulant and soil conditioner.

Minimum Guaranteed Analysis: (w/v)
(density 1.16 - 1.24 gm/cm3)

Features and Benefits:

    » Improves soil chemical, physical and biological fertility.
    » Keeps and ensures nutrients availability to plants.
    » Increase plant tolerance to drought, salinity and alkalinity
    » Easy for plant uptake and redistribution within the plant.
    » Enhance germination, activate roots and vegetative growth, strengthen flowering and fruit set, hasten maturity.
    » Improve the effectiveness of pesticides.
    » Easy to use and safe fertilizer for all plants.

Application Directions:
» General application program (per acre):
» For fertigation: 1-2 L weekly at vegetative stage and at the start of flowering stage, 1.5-2 L weekly in fruit setting, expansion stage and colouring stage.
» For foliar spray: 1-2 L every 10 days at minimum dilution rate of (1:600). ‘