Deck & Fencing Services

Your Calgary home deserves the best.

Calgary Greencrete Inc. has always been known for the highest quality of services coupled with exceptional customer service.

We understand value is now more important than ever. Our wood work is built using pressure-treated pine and cedar with a wide range of wooden materials.

  • Fences - Serving a variety of functions from privacy to security, our fences add visual appeal to any yard.
  • Decks - Intended as the centrepiece for your outdoor entertainment, your deck is the focus of rest and relaxation. Calgary Greencrete Inc. offers several inspiring designs to enhance your own little piece of eden!

We know what your yard means to your family. It's your backyard vacation, your outdoor living room, a statement of pride about your home. It says a lot about you, does a lot for you, and it needs professional care to keep it beautiful, healthy and strong.

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